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The week of December 9, 2017 the Aspen Institute will lead a Partnership Opportunity Delegation (POD) to Myanmar, where participants will engage and build bonds with local communities through people-to-people interaction and cultural exchange, gain a deep understanding of cultural and economic realities, hold meetings and conversations around investment and innovation focused on early technology, and small scale alternative energy solutions.

With the historic elections of 2015, Myanmar continues its steady transition to becoming a liberal democracy. This 50 million people-strong country is quickly becoming an attractive market and a budding ecosystem of small businesses. Myanmar is brimming with talented human capital, magnificent land, an abundance of natural and agricultural resources, recent explosion in access to mobile data and the political and cultural will to make significant economic strides.


Business Executives

Impact Investors

Social Entrepreneurs with relevant & scalable business models


Meet with political, community & culture leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s priorities.

Explore and assesssolutions to some of the pressing challenges, and identifying ways to collaborate and partner.





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The price covers: hotels, meals, ground transportation, domestic flights, and local guides & translators.

Subsidized participation based on scholarship availability.


Early Technology, and Small Scale Alternative Energy Solutions

Clean Cookstoves - As a result of our Myanmar POD in 2015, the Government of Myanmar formally joined the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves; is working on a tax exemption for the producers of clean cookstoves; and a national awareness campaign.

Third Story Project - With support from POD participants, a local non-for-profit, the Third Story Project, is producing, delivering and performing children’s books in schools, promoting tolerance and acceptance among Myanmar’s ethnic groups.

Tech Mentorship - Formation of a technology mentorship network that will work with Myanmar investors and entrepreneurs as they look to invest and support local tech startups.
Recycling, composting and usage of biodegradable bags business pilot, featuring Myanmar’s largest grocery shop network, City-Mart.

Portals - Placement of a ‘Portal’ in Yangon - an art and engagement installation, continuously connecting everyday Myanmar and American people. Previous ‘Portals’ have been placed in Tehran, Havana, Afghanistan, New York, Washington and San Francisco.

Technology Companies Training - Fifteen young Myanmar technology companies have been mentored and trained by POD participants, as part of the Founders’ Round Table.

Introduction of Social Enterprises - POD participants exposed the Myanmar Government and private sector to the modalities of social enterprises. As a result, government ministries are looking at providing services tailored to small and social businesses, in addition to their focus on large foreign direct investments.

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