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The week of May 1st, 2019, Fringe Diplomacy will lead a Partnership Opportunity Delegation (POD) to Cuba, where participants will engage in meetings and conversations around investment and innovation focused on early technology, hospitality, alternative energy and waste management.

For the first time since the begining of the revolution, the leader of Cuba is not a memebr of the Castro family. Coupled with measures taken over the last few years between the U.S. and Cuba, the thaw on both sides of the Florida Straits is unmistakenable, despite the hurddles. While the Embargo regime is likely to linger due to current U.S. Congressional dynamics, reform has come to some trade and travel restrictions. This changing policy offers a great opportunity for early engagement between the communities in the U.S. and Cuba.


Business Executives

Impact Investors

Social Entrepreneurs with relevant & scalable business models


Meet with political & community leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s priorities.

Explore and asses solutions to some of the pressing challenges, and identifying ways to collaborate and partner.





For details on cost of participation please contact

Price covers: flights Miami-Havana-Miami, hotels, meals, ground transportation, and local guides & translators.

Subsidized participation based on scholarship availability.


Technology, hospitality & business development

InCúbate 2015 and 2016 - The first ever Innovation Workshop, envisioned during the Spring POD, became a reality four months later; bringing together American and Cuban entrepreneurs in Havana around the nexus of technology and hospitality. The exchange resulted in several new partnerships and company development. With the success of the first workshop, a second workshop followed in May 2016.

Local Government and Policy Leaders Exchange - An exchange envisioned during the Spring POD, became a reality five months later with the first ever exchange of young political leaders between Cuba and the U.S. This was the first of four planned exchanges that include: 10 young American elected officials going to Cuba, followed by 10 Cubans coming to the U.S. The delegations meet peers in government, business and the community to gain an understanding of the governance, politics, economics and social challenges of the country as well as the complexities US-Cuban bilateral relations. The return exchange is taking place in June 2016.

Technology Collaborations - Three companies/partnerships are in formation process, following the engagement of Cuban and American entrepreneurs and investors.

Recycling and Waste Management - Conversations taking place to establish a project to help manage Cuban land fields and recycling processes in the Matanzas Municipality.

Restoration Project and Architecture Exchange - The Richardson Center will facilitate cultural exchanges and restoration of some of Havana’s architectural landmarks, including assisting and facilitating the restoration of the historic La Quinta de los Molinos building.

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